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How much does an e-rickshaw cost per kilometer? Is it Cost efficient?

Jezza motors use Exide ER100 Battery in their Electric Rickshaw. Typically it would take 8 hours to fully charge the battery with the SMPS AXIOM Charger (Recommended charger is advisable to prevent damage of the batteries and increase the life of batteries). Electric cost will vary in different states. The maintenance cost is low for these vehicles.

How long will the batteries last?

The range of the vehicle depends on a number of things:
Kerb weight.
Electrical and Mechanical loss.
Battery Capacity.
Load on the vehicle.
Driving Conditions.

Jezza motor’s have better quality parts, its design minimize the losses and low kerb weight and provides better service than any other e-rickshaw. The range of the vehicle with a full charged battery can go approximate 100km in ideal situation.

Can I ride my electric tricycle in the rain?

Surely you can, but you should avoid too much water logged roads.

Can I buy e-rickshaw on loan?

Yes, just like any other motor vehicle, you can avail loan facility.

Do I require a driving license for driving e-rickshaws?

Yes, recently the rules have been amended and there is a special driving license made for e-rickshaws.

What is the maintenance cost of e rickshaw compared to other vehicles?

The maintenance cost of an e-rickshaw is low, compared to a CNG/Diesel vehicle it is much less, even in case when something goes wrong, the cost of repair is much less than any other vehicle.

Is the rickshaw certified?

Yes, Jezza motors provide different models of I-Cat approved battery operated rickshaws and cargo.

What is the motor capacity?

Different models have different specifications like Jezza Motor’s J1000 e-rickshaw use 1000 watt motor whereas cargo loader has options for 1000watt and 1200watt for heavy duty.
After what duration would the battery pack have to be replaced on the golf cart?

Can I customize any model to suit my specific requirements?

We can manufacture e-rickshaw, cargo loader or golf carts as per the special requirements of our clients.

What are the added features in Jezza Motor’s E-Rickshaw?

Jezza motors give some extra features on their model:
➛ Powerful Reflector Headlight.
➛ Alloy Wheels.
➛ Front Hydraulic Suspension.
➛ Fire Safety Device Installed.
➛ Horn with Rain Protector.
➛ Full Rain Curtains.
➛ Long Life Tyres.
➛ Bottle Holder.
➛ Paper Holder.
➛ Cabin Lights.
➛ Foot Mats.
➛ Spare Wheel With Cover.
➛ Tool Kit with Jack.