The term E Rickshaw Packing procedure is indicating that the packaging must additionally strengthen and withstand the conditions of transport and then resist to more severe stresses. Packing and conservation of goods shall be sufficient to protect products from damage during transit time; it is a very responsible task and it must be handled with care. Otherwise, it will bring a huge loss to the manufacturer.

Jezza Motors give extra value in E Rickshaw Packing and dispatch procedures:

Our Dispatch team is very much expert on that. Being one of the top e-rickshaw manufacturer in Kolkata, West Bengal, we promised to deliver to our dealer an untapped and product in best shape condition. Before packing our team performs pre-dispatch inspection thoroughly this is divided into three parts.

Body parts inspection: Which includes checking each and every body parts of e rickshaw. For example roof checkup, all nut bolts tightened, sticker and monogram checking etc.

Electric Inspection: After body part checkup we perform electric items checking. Which includes- checking of the front headlight, all lights, horn, charger function, music player and speaker working or not properly, etc…

Drive Test: This is the most important part of checking procedures. Before E Rickshaw Packing we make sure that the rickshaw is in complete working condition. For this we check several parameters which include, checking if any noise is coming while driving; speedometer is working properly or not, each indicator is in working condition or not, break and clutch test etc.

After being completely satisfied with the performance of the rickshaw the engineer and the supervisor both signed the PDI Form. We also provide a copy of the PDI form to our dealers.

E Rickshaw Packing and despatch from our manufacturing unit

Packages containing “FRAGILE” articles shall be appropriately packed and in addition to the words “Fragile-Handle with Care” being stenciled on two opposite sides, and wrapped with greaseproof paper and be packed in separate cases from the prime item. Units or parts belonging to main equipment but separately packed shall be clearly marked for easy identification with main equipment to which they related. We also cover e rickshaws with bubble wrap when deliver to avoid scratch and tied with each other strongly so that they are not misplaced and collision with each other. So, after placing order our authorized electric rickshaw dealers from different parts of India can put trust on us and our ability to provide the e-rickshaw safe and sound.