Battery is the main life line for an E rickshaw or Electric Auto Rickshaw. Battery is mainly responsible for good performance and long life of your Electric rickshaw. Regular maintenance and good care of the E-rickshaw battery is very much important. Its increase the effectiveness of Electric Rickshaw’s operation and longer the life span of it.

Here are few tips for maintaining Electric Auto Rickshaw batteries:

  • At least once in every month check the water level and ensure that it is maintained between the minimum and maximum limit. Always use distilled water to fill the battery to avoid harmful effect on the battery’s life and performance.
  • If you find out that the battery is damaged or dead immediately replace it. To do this, you should check the battery condition regularly. Also check your battery terminals on a regular basis, especially if you often drive on rough paths.
  • You should turn off functions such as lights, music etc. when you exit from your Electric rickshaw. Also, do not keep a battery as idle for a long period of time. It can wear a battery down.
  • Use dry cloth for cleaning battery and apply petroleum jelly on the cable clamps and terminals for lubrication but never apply grease.
  • Make sure that the clamps are always firmly tightened and fixed to the correct poles.
  • If you are using a battery for a long period of time, it is natural that it can get corroded. Check its condition regularly.

Electric Auto Rickshaw battery maintenance tips for long battery life

Always choose right type of battery with proper AH capacity as per your need. You can ask for professional assistance if you do not want to maintain your E rickshaw battery on your own and stay trouble-free with the maintenance process as well. If you follow the above mentioned guidelines, you will certainly be able to extend your electric rickshaw battery life. It is suggested that always use trusted and branded battery to have a smooth driving experience. We Jezza Motors, leading manufacturer and supplier of Electric Auto Rickshaw, E loader and E-rickshaw parts in India use leading and trusted brands like: Exide, SF Sonic, Okaya, Trontek, and Eastman batteries for our Pollution free Eco Friendly Rickshaw which gives Battery Operated electric rickshaw’s an extra life for long run. Each and every battery undergoes some specific test so that we can confirm the uninterrupted services to our product users. Which means you can earn some extra bucks in every kilometer.