There is no doubt that electric rickshaw is poised for big growth in the years to come in India. With the Government of India’s big plans to make India into a fully Electric Vehicle (EV) nation by 2030, the scope for the e rickshaw sector is indeed immense. The only concern of the government is whether the infrastructure for e rickshaws and other vehicles in the Electrical Vehicle (EV) sector would get adequately developed by such time. However, with the present developments taking place in the sector, we are surely moving into the right direction.

This is becoming more evident from the fact that the number of e-rickshaw charging points in Northern India is increasing. Apart from this Exide the major battery maker will be supplying electric batteries for the electric rickshaws shortly.

Growth in No. of Electric Rickshaw at North MCD Parking

In a major step towards streamlining the parking of e-rickshaws in the city and avoid congestion on roads, the North Delhi Municipal Corporation has taken a major step. This is to set up charging points for the battery-operated vehicles at select parking lots in its jurisdiction.

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The agency has finalized six spots where the facility would be developed. The same is likey to be made ready by the end of next month. The battery operated rickshaw drivers would be able to charge their vehicles at nominal prices during night.

The locations include the North MCD parking lots near Badli Metro station, village Singhalpur (Haryana irrigation canal), Railway Reservation Office near Kela godown, Keshavpuram and Sector 11, Rohini. This is indeed a major step for the development of e rickshaw sector in Delhi.

Exide looks to start making batteries for electric vehicles

Apart from this in a major development, renowned battery makers Exide has announced that the company would start manufacturing high quality for electric batteries for electric rickshaws. The company believes that the erickshaw market offers huge opportunities for growth in the sector. The scope of the sector, the company says is evident from the growing sales numbers of the battery operated rickshaws in the recent times. It is seen that e rickshaws run on cheap batteries which usually last for a maximum period of 6 to 12 months and thus means higher maintenance costs to erickshaw owners. With Exide now entering the e-rickshaw battery market it is being expected that the standard of the batteries would improve significantly thereby causing the owners of rickshaws great benefit.

To conclude, we can say with the developments which are taking place over all to boost the sector it is sure that it offers great scope for battery operated rickshaw owners. So in case you are looking to develop a lucrative business owing electric rickshaws could indeed be the right thing to do. We at Jezza Motors offer the best quality electric rickshaws at the most affordable rates. To know more about our products please visit our website.