India is surely and steadily heading towards an electric vehicle revolution. It is being led on this course by the electric rickshaws for sure. In fact, this great nation is having an audacious plan to turn every car, bus, truck, rickshaws and everything into an electric vehicle (EV) by the year 2030. According to a recent report to achieve this rather ambitious target estimates say that by 2020 at least 6 to 7 million EVs will have to ply the roads. It indeed seems a tall order. This is especially considering that a paltry 22000 units were sold in the category in 2016. However, the Government of India is determined to execute this rather ambitious plan of action. 

What does this mean for the country?

Considering this rather ambitious target it would indeed be a giant step forward for the entire nation. However, in order to build up the scale, it would be essential to jumpstart EV adoption. The central government is planning to roll out an EV-based public transport system. This will include auto-rickshaws and buses running on batteries that can be swapped after a certain distance. The plans are to launch this new project by the end of the current year. 

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This would a significant boost to the e-rickshaw sector

The steps of the government in this direction would mean a significant boost to the Electric rickshaw sector. The segment has been in focus right from the beginning and has great potential to grow rapidly. One challenge, however, could be the high cost of electric batteries for EVs. Steps, therefore, need to be worked out how to lower the costs of the same. Another very important need for the smooth growth of the sector is building the infrastructure. This would mean increasing the number of charging stations.

Already to boost the sector and to increase the number of operators in the sector the government has been incentivizing the same at regular intervals. Thus in case you are planning to develop a business of your own, it is indeed the perfect time to build one in the battery operated rickshaw sector. However, in recent times with increased regulations for the sector you need the best e-rickshaws.  This is where Jezza Motors are leaders in.

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