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If you are to develop your business in the electric rickshaw sector, then you must ensure that they are eco friendly and government approved. With Jezza Motors you could just do that. Jezza Motors has been a leader in the Battery Operated Rickshaws segment right from the beginning. We offer a wide range of high quality E-Rickshaws. We also supply Spare parts as well. All these e-rickshaws are i-CAT approved. This will ensure that your business gets a head start. We ensure the high quality of all our products since we work closely with trust worthy vendors. The technology which we use in our manufacturing facilities is far superior to those used by others in the sector. In Andhra Pradesh we operate in most of the leading towns and cities. These include Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Hyderabad, Tirupati, Rajahmundry etc.

Make sure E-rickshaws are government approved

Amidst rising environmental concerns, the E-Rickshaw has become very popular. But there are many fly by night operators in the sectors as well. Thus the Government wants only the genuine players to operate. So you must ensure that the Battery operated rickshaws are Government approved. With Electric Rickshaws of Jezza Motors you would have that.

Why Jezza Motors for Electric Rickshaws in Andhra Pradesh?

At Jezza Motors, maintaining high quality is always our top priority. We are a very advanced enterprise and have in the industry right from the beginning. Thus we have a rich experience. Besides we have always focused on on research & development. Thus all our products are eco friendly and Government approved.  We have a huge infrastructure throughout Andhra Pradesh. Thus with Jezza Motors you have the best E-rickshaws in Andhra Pradesh. For dealership in Andhra Pradesh visit our dealership page or contact us on our website.

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