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If you are looking for taking up a dealership in e rickshaws in Hyderabad, then Jezza Motors is the best for you. With the environmental concerns steadily growing over alarming levels of air pollution, the electric rickshaw segment has been under constant focus. The Government has been incentivizing the sector to boost growth. So if you are develop your business in the segment then it could indeed be very profitable in the long run. But if you are to set up your business you must do so with the leader in the sector. Jezza Motors is one of the leaders in the electric rickshaw sector.

Why become a dealer of Jezza Motors in Hyderabad?

Jezza Motors is one of the pioneers of the fast growing e rickshaw segment. We are the leaders in the supply of Government approved, high quality battery operated rickshaws. We offer a wide range of ICAT approved Electric rickshaws. Thus by taking up a dealership of Jezza Motors in Hyderabad, you can build a hassle free business in the electric rickshaw segment. To know more about taking a dealership in the e rickshaw sector please visit our “Delasership” page.