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Now that Jezza Motors is in Vijayawada, it could be your best chance of building a successful business in the electric rickshaw segment. Owing to rapidly growing air pollution levels in most cities and towns in India, the battery operated vehicles segment has been under the constant focus from the government. They have been announcing various initiatives to boost the sector. To tap into this great opportunity of building your successful business you need to partner with the leading supplier in the field. Jezza Motors is the leading supplier of ICAT approved battery operated rickshaws in Vijayawada.

Why become a dealer of Jezza Motors in Viajayawada?

Electric rickshaws are ideal for cities like Vijayawada. Jezza Motors offers a wide range of government approved electric rickshaws in the city. All our rickshaws are of the highest quality and i-CAT approved which ensures high performance, low running and maintenance costs which will make your business indeed profitable. It is because of the superior quality of e rickshaws we supply that we are leaders in the field. So do not miss this opportunity to become a distributor with us. To know more please visit our “Dealership” Page.