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The Electric Rickshaw sector offers great business prospects

Amidst rising environmental concerns, the E-Rickshaws has become very popular. It makes much business sense as well. This is because of the low running and maintenance costs. The Government too has its focus on the sector and has launched several initiatives to boost it. You could avail numerous benefits from these schemes as well. So build your business with the leaders of the sector.

Why Jezza Motors for Dealership of Electric Rickshaws in Assam?

At Jezza Motors, we believe in high quality and provide the best. We are a very advanced enterprise, and we are almost like pioneers in the industry. Our focus is always on research & development. This enables us to supply eco friendly, Government approved Electric rickshaws. We engage superior technology for manufacturing all our products. We have a huge infrastructure throughout Assam. So if you are based in Assam build you e-rickshaw business with Jezza Motors. Contact us or visit our dealership page for taking the license of dealership in Assam.

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