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Jezza Motors is now in Dibrugarh. So you can build your business with the best electric rickshaws supplied by us. E rickshaws have been receiving great government support in recent times. The reason for this being that they offer the perfect solution to the problem of escalating pollution levels in most Indian cities. Dibrugarh is the ideal city for such kinds of public transport as only small distances need to be travelled to. This is why battery operated rickshaws are the best option as a form of pollution free public transport.

Why buy electric rickshaws from Jezza Motors in Dibrugarh?

Jezza Motors is the leading supplier of high quality electric rickshaws in Dibrugarh. We supply genuine parts, and rickshaws which offer great mileage. Our vehicles can run up to 100 kms by charging the batteries for just 8 hours. It is because of the high quality of products we offer that all of them are i-CAT Approved. Besides at Jezza Motors we offer the best after sales service as well. To know more get in touch with us.