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Electric Rickshaws surely has been a booming sector in India in recent years. With the escalating concerns of pollution in most Indian cities, e rickshaws offer the perfect solution to travel in a pollution free way. Thus the scope of building a profitable business in the sector is great. However to have the best return on investment in your business you need to have the right supplier for the same. This is why you must build it in partnership with Jezza Motors the leaders in the sector.

Why Jezza Motors for E- rickshaws in Guwahati?

Jezza Motors happens to be one of the pioneers in the battery operated electric rickshaws sector. We supply very high quality e rickshaws, which are all i-CAT certified. We offer a wide range of government approved electric rickshaws, which have great mileage. Our rickshaws can run up to 100 kms by charging the batteries for just 8 hours. So you can have quality assurance, genuine parts and great after sales service support with Jezza Motors. To know more get in touch with us.