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If you are looking to take up a dealership of electric rickshaws then it is the right thing to do in the current scenario. There is a huge concern for rapidly rising air pollution levels. Electric rickshaws are the best alternative as you can travel by them with zero pollution. Besides they can run with minimum costs as the running and maintenance costs are low. This is a sector which is also under the focus of the government and many steps are being undertaken to boost it. Everything put together you could indeed have a profitable business with battery operated rickshaws. You however have to become a partner of the leader in the sector. Jezza Motors happens to be one of the pioneers in the manufacturing and supply of battery operated rickshaws.

Why take up a dealership of Jezza Motors in Bilaspur?

Jezza Motors bring you a wide range of the best quality Government approved electric rickshaws in Bilaspur. All of our e rickshaws are ICAT approved and require minimum running costs. These can run up to 100 kms by charging the batteries just for 8 hours. At Jezza Motors we offer genuine parts and the best after sales service in Bilaspur. So become a distributor of Jezza Motors and run a profitable business. To know more please get in touch with us.