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The Electric Rickshaw business in India has been growing steadily in recent times. So in case you are looking to develop a profitable business it may just be the right sector to develop your business in. However for that you also need the right partner to do so. Jezza Motors is a leader in the Battery Operated Rickshaw segment. With us you can avail a wide range of i-CAT Approved E-Rickshaws. We use cutting edge technology for manufacturing all our products so you can fully sure about our quality. Thus you can develop your business with us in Delhi, New Delhi, Gurgaon and Ghaziabad and entire NCR region.

Why Electric Rickshaw is the Right Sector for developing your business?

iCAT approved | -rickshaw | electric rickshaw | jharkhandWith the escalating concerns about deteriorating environment especially in the NCR region, environment friendly vehicles are surely the future of public transport. Many initiatives are being undertaken to incentivize the sector. So you can be sure that your business can be very profitable with growing demand.

Why Jezza Motors for E- Rickshaws in Delhi & NCR region?

With Jezza Motors you have the best in the Electric Rickshaw segment. We supply Government approved, eco friendly and cost effective Electric Rickshaws. Our J-1000 e-rickshaw is one of the most energy efficient electric rickshaw in India. We have been in the business in the Battery Operated Rickshaw for a long time. This rich experience provides us with a definite edge over our competitors. We have a huge infrastructure throughout Delhi and the entire NCR region. So once you become a distributor of Jezza Motors not only would you be selling the best product in the market, you would also get the best infrastructural support as well. For dealership in Delhi and NCR region visit our dealership page or contact us on our website.

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Certificate of Approval

E-Rickshaw | Delhi | Certificate of Approval | Jezza Motors

E-Rickshaw | Delhi | Certificate of Approval | Jezza Motors