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Jezza Motors is now in Haryana. So with us you have the best Battery Operated Rickshaws if you are looking for one. We are one of the pioneers in the industry and are the leading suppliers of a wide range of E-Rickshaws and spare parts. We are very particular about the quality of the products we supply. This is why all our products are Government and i-CAT (International Centre for Automotive Technology) Approved. We have the state of the art technology for our manufacturing facilities which enables us to bring the very best for you. We operate in many states of India including Haryana. In Haryana our dealerships are available in all the leading cities which include Hissar, Karnal, Rohtak, Panchkula and Faridabad.

Why develop your business in Battery Operated Rickshaws in Haryana?

i-CAT approved | -rickshaw | electric rickshaw | JharkhandThe pollution in all major cities is now playing havoc with our environment. A leading cause for this is the pollution emitted by the transport we use. This has forced some state governments to impose many restrictions. Amidst all the escalating concerns the Battery Operated Rickshaws offer an excellent solution. This not only ensures pollution free travelling but also low running costs. This is why the central and state governments are taking various steps to boost the sector. So as a business owner you can benefit from all the incentive schemes that are being offered and develop a profitable business.

Why Jezza Motors for E-Rickshaws in Haryana?

At Jezza Motors we supply all Eco friendly, Government approved Battery Operated Rickshaws. The running and maintenance costs of our vehicles are very low. By charging our J-1000 model merely for 8 hours it can run up to 100 KMs. So with low running and maintenance costs you can have a profitable business. You can also take best advantage of our infrastructure in Haryana. Contact us for Dealership.

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