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If you are looking to build a profitable business in Ranchi, then it would make sense to do so in the electric rickshaw sector. E-rickshaws provide the perfect solution for the best way to travel amidst the rising concerns for pollution.

Why E Rickshaws for Ranchi?

Ranchi is not only the capital of Jharkhand, but in terms of infrastructure too it is way ahead of many other Indian cities. Thus having an efficient way to travel is a prime requirement for the city. Battery operated rickshaws can do just that. This revolutionary mode of transport offers pollution free transport and at the same time requires minimum running and maintenance costs.

Why E rickshaws from Jezza Motors?

Jezza Motors is one of the leading suppliers of high quality e rickshaws, which are all i-CAT approved. We offer a wide range of electric rickshaws which are all government approved. Since the rickshaws we supply are of the best quality, it requires minimum running and maintenance costs. Thus with our vehicles you can run a hassle free business which would ensure you have a profitable business. To know more please get in touch with us. Visit our Dealership page to take dealership of Jezza Motors in Ranchi.