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If you are looking to take up a dealership of electric rickshaws in Kochi, it is best that you become a dealer of Jezza Motors. The battery operated rickshaw offers great scope for business. The reason for this is that it is the best solution to the ever rising pollution level in most cities and towns across India. The e rickshaws can travel without causing any pollution. The running and maintenance costs of these ecofriendly vehicles are very low which make them ideal for a profitable business. The government too has been launching many schemes and initiatives to boost the sector. By operating in the segment you can tap into many of these incentives being offered. But to build your business in the sector you must do it with the leader. Jezza Motors is one of the top suppliers and manufacturers of the electric rickshaws in India.

Why take up a dealership of Jezzza Motors in Kochi?

At Jezza Motors we offer a very wide range of top class government approved electric rickshaws at reasonable prices. You can run a hassle free business in the sector as all our rickshaws are ICAT approved. Besides we have a large infrastructure which will support your business. To know more please visit our Dealership page.