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Are you considering developing your own business? Then developing a business in the electric rickshaws sector may be a great idea. The sector has a very bright future. With the rising concerns of alarming pollution levels in most cities and towns of India, the focus has been on vehicles which run on alternative fuel sources which cause minimum pollution. Considering this the battery operated sector act as a perfect travel option because it causes zero pollution. What is also great about e rickshaws is that they have minimum running and maintenance costs. Besides these rickshaws is particularly ideal for smaller cities like Bhopal since people generally commute over shorter distances. Jezza Motors is a leading manufacturer and supplier of electric rickshaws in India, including the whole of Madhya Pradesh and Bhopal as well. So it could be your best opportunity to run your profitable business.

Why become a dealer of Jezza Motor in Bhopal?

Jezza Motors is one of the pioneers in the e rickshaws sector. We supply a wide range of best quality battery operated rickshaws which are Government approved. Besides we have a large infrastructure which will help you support your business in the sector in Bhopal. To know more please visit our dealership page.