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Be it the commercial capital of Mumbai or the political capital Delhi, the serious concerns for the alarming escalating levels of pollution worries all universally. This is why the need for eco-friendly vehicles has become most essential. Therefore the electric rickshaw segment in India is bound to grow steadily in the future. So in case you want to develop your business, taking a dealership of Jezza Motors makes much sense. We are the leaders in supplying Battery Operated rickshaws in Maharashtra. We offer the best quality Electric Rickshaws and spare parts which are all i-CAT approved. With our state of art manufacturing facilities and the fact that we work closely with trust worthy vendors, you would have the best in Maharashtra. In Maharashtra, we function in all the leading cities which include Mumbai,  Nagpur, Pune, Aurangabad, Nashik and Kolhapur.

Why build your business with Electric Rickshaws in Maharashtra?

The electric rickshaw segment in India is growing steadily on account of the growing need for pollution free transport mode. E- Rickshaws perfectly fit in this category. This is because it emits zero pollution and a very economical to run. Given the high demand and the low running cost would ensure a profitable business for you.

Why buy Battery operated Rickshaws from Jezza Motors in Maharashtra?

At Jezza Motors we supply the best quality, eco friendly and government approved E Rickshaws. Our vehicles are all very economical to run. The electric rickshaws we supply can run up to 100 kms from charging the batteries merely for 8 hours. Owing to the high quality of our e rickshaws you would also need minimum maintenance cost. Besides we have a huge infrastructure in Maharashtra at present to support you. So buy E-rickshaws from Jezza Motors in Maharashtra.

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