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Planning to start your business with electric rickshaws in Cuttack? Then you must buy the government approved e rickshaws from Jezza Motors. The battery operated rickshaws has indeed a very bright future in India. As the concerns for pollution related problem are getting escalated, the need for pollution free transport is a priority for both the Central Government as well as all state governments including Odisha. E rickshaws serve as an excellent way to travel with zero pollution.

Why E- Rickshaws from Jezza Motors in Cuttack?

Jezza Motors is one of the pioneers in the sector. We offer a high range of best quality e- rickshaws. We are extremely particular about the quality of all our products. This is why our electric rickshaws are all i-CAT Approved. Besides with our vehicles you can have a very profitable business in the sector. The running and maintenance costs of our rickshaws are very low in comparison to other conventional modes of transport. Our e rickshaws can run up to 100 Kms by charging them just for 8 hours. To know more about dealerships please get in touch with through the “Distributorship” Page.