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If you are looking for the right business opportunity in Rajasthan then you could start your business by taking up a dealership of Jezza Motors in Rajasthan. The Battery Operated Vehicle sector in Rajasthan is headed for a bright future. With Jezza motors in Rajasthan you have great business prospects. We are the leaders in the field. All our Rickshaws and spare parts we supply are of the highest quality which is why they are also i-CAT approved. In Rajasthan we operate in all the leading cities of Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Ajmer and Pushkar.

Why Electric Rickshaws offer a great business prospect in the present scenario?

iCAT approved | -rickshaw | electric rickshaw | jharkhandThe environmental concerns in India have been escalating. One of the culprits for rising pollution is Public transport. The e-rickshaws in this scenario serve as a great alternative. So the Central and State Governments have been working on various incentive schemes to boost the sector. As a business owner it would make great sense for you to start your business in the sector with Jezza Motors.

Why Jezza Motors for Battery Operated Rickshaws in Rajasthan?

With Jezza Motors in Rajasthan you can get government approved, eco friendly Battery Operated Electric Rickshaws. This means that you can run your business in a hassle free manner. Our rickshaws are also very economical to run, specially the J-1000 model. With charging them just for 8 hours the e rickshaws can run up to 100 Kms. Apart from this they also require minimum maintenance cost. Thus with your dealership with Jezza Motors you can have a profitable business. We have a huge infrastructure across the whole of Rajasthan at present and can serve you the best. For enquiries regarding dealership visit our dealership page or contact us at the earliest.

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