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If you want to buy Electric Rickshaws in Tamil Nadu then you must buy it from Jezza Motors. Jezza Motors has been a leader in the supply of Battery Operated Rickshaws right from the start. We offer a wide range of superior quality E-Rickshaws. The spare parts and components we supply are of the highest quality. They are all iCAT approved thus you will give a head start to your business. We work closely with trust worthy vendors. The technology used by us in our manufacturing facilities is very advanced and far superior to that used by others in the industry. This is why the e-rickshaws and components supplied by us is the best in industry. In Tamil Nadu, we operate in Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Tiruchirapalli, Salem etc.

The E-Rickshaw sector offers great business scope, but they must Government approved

Amidst rising environmental concerns, the E-Rickshaws have become very popular. This is also what has attracted many fly by night suppliers. Thus to curb bad practices government has strict norms for the sector. With Jezza Motors you can have government approved E-Rickshaws.  

Why Jezza Motors for Electric Rickshaws in Tamil Nadu?

At Jezza Motors, we believe in high quality and provide the best. We are a very advanced enterprise, and we are almost like pioneers in the industry.

The Electric Rickshaws we supply emits zero pollution. You can keep your city pollution free with our products.

Running cost of the electric rickshaws is low compared to the conventional fuel powered public transport vehicles like autos. We have invested in Research & Development. This has enabled us to supply E-rickshaw which offer a great mileage of 100 KM from one charge of just 8 hours. This will ensure better profits for your business. For dealership in Tamil Nadu visit our dealership page or contact us on our website.

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