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If you are looking to build a profitable business in Tripura, you could build it in the electric rickshaw sector. With the growing concerns about alarming rising pollution levels, it has become absolutely essential that pollution is cut down. One option to do so is through the use of electric rickshaws as a means of transport. But if you are to build your business in this sector then you must do it with the pioneers of the industry. With Jezza Motors in Tripura you can do just that. At Jezza Motors we supply a wide range of the best quality E- Rickshaws and spare parts, all of which are i-CAT approved. The technology which we use at our manufacturing facilities is of the highest standard. Apart from this we work closely with trustworthy vendors, which enables us to supply the best quality products. In Tripura we operate in all the leading cities of Agartala, Udaipur, Dharmanagar and Kailashahar.