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It makes great sense for you to develop your business in the Battery Rickshaw Suppliers or Pollution Free E-Rickshaw dealers sector. But to so you must ensure that they are eco friendly and government approved (ICAT/CIRT). With Jezza Motors now in Nainital, Uttarakhand you could easily do that. Jezza Motors has been a leader in the Battery driven Electric Rickshaw manufacturing or Electric Vehicle segment right from the beginning. We offer a wide range of high quality Battery Operated E Rickshaws. We also supply E-loaders and E-rickshaw spare parts for the sector as well. All these are i-CAT approved. This will ensure that your business gets a perfect start. We ensure the high quality of all our products since we work closely with trust worthy vendors. The technology used by us in our facilities is far superior to those used by others in the sector. In Nainital, we operate in most of the popular local and nearby areas like: Ayarpatta, Mallital, Kurpankha, Amghari, Chanfi, Bindukhatta, Rudpur, Bichai, Halduchaur, Haldwani, Khadakpur, Surpur, Harsan, Hajeera, Birha, Jogipura, Pipalsana, Kaladhungi, Jaspur, Kashipur, Bazpur, Gadarpur, Rudrapur, Kiccha, Sitarganj, Khatima, Bach kande, Almora, Ranikhet  etc. etc.

Always use govt. approved  Battery Operated Rickshaw (Electric Battery Rickshaw) to stay safe when driving.

Amidst rising environmental concerns, the Battery Rickshaws has become very popular transportation in short distance journey. But there are many fly by night operators in the E-Rickshaw sectors as well. Thus the Government wants only the genuine players to operate. So, you must ensure that the Battery Operated Auto E-Rickshaws are State Government approved. With Battery Rickshaw Suppliers from Jezza Motors you would have that. At Jezza Motors, maintaining high quality and durable electric rickshaw with original E rickshaw parts has always been our top priority. We are a very advanced enterprise and one of the pioneers of the electric vehicles industry in India. With CIRT and iCAT (International Centre for Automotive Technology) approved Auto E Rickshaw from Jezza Motors in Nainital, Uttarakhand you can have lots of benefits.

Why Choose Jezza Motors as E-rickshaw or Electric Battery Rickshaw in Nainital, Uttarakhand?

iCAT approved | -rickshaw | electric rickshaw | jharkhand➥Safety is the main focus at every step when we create our products. We ensure that our products are best in terms of comfort, design and superiority. From the tyres to the roof, everything is carefully manufactured to provide you a safe journey. Suspension ensures high impact absorption; gives a smooth ride on uneven road. It’s especially designed for Indian roads. Our e rickshaws are known for latest advanced features, reliability, durability and mileage.

➥E-rickshaws are operated by electric power from batteries. It emits zero air pollution. Thus riding on e-rickshaws helps you to keep your city’s air clean and pollution free.

➥Running cost of the electric battery rickshaws are low compared to the conventional fuel powered public transport vehicles like autos. Battery Operated E-Rickshaws from Jezza Motors have a huge mileage of 100 KM from one charge of just 8 hours.

➥As these passenger e rickshaws are small in size they are perfect for running in narrow streets of localities.

➥Our company is committed to make the most eco-friendly green electric tri cycles and e-rickshaws. This ensures that you can have a profitable business in the sector with our rickshaws.

Battery Rickshaw Suppliers, Distributors and Dealers in Nainital, Uttarakhand

We Are Looking for Dedicated Battery Rickshaw Suppliers, dealers and distributors in Nainital, Uttarakhand District for Jezza Motors, a brand of Vani Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. who want to grow with us and willing to give all their customers only the very best service. Jezza Motors is one of the leading Indian manufacturer & supplier of Govt. approved Electric Rickshaws. Besides we have always focused on on research & development. Thus all our products are eco friendly and Government approved. We have a huge infrastructure throughout Uttarakhand. Thus with Jezza Motors you have the best eco friendly Battery Operated E-Rickshaw in Uttarakhand. Our J-1000 Super e-rickshaw gives a jaw-dropping mileage of 100 KM in a single charge of just 8 hours, making it one of the most energy efficient vehicle in small public transport vehicle category. Not only in Uttaranchal, we have different Battery Rickshaw Suppliers and Dealer points in almost every parts of India. By using our E rickshaws you can earn more than before. Fast charging, long run battery and low maintenance cost can save extra money for you. Availability of e rickshaws in your locality can help those peoples who want to buy e rickshaw in low price. Now it would be easier to connect remote areas with the town and also bring financial empowerment for the people of these areas.

Are you interested in becoming an successful Electric Battery Rickshaw Suppliers in Nainital district of Uttarakhand? Then submit an inquiry form or Contact us via phone. To know all the terms and condition kindly fill up the inquiry form and our Sale Executive can get in touch with you as early as possible.

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