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Bakkhali is one of the most popular tourist destination in southern part of Bengal. This small island juts out into the vast expanse of the Bay of Bengal. The south facing crescent shaped beach of Bakkhali is one of the rare ones in the world that offer great views of both sunrise and sunset.

Many peoples are gathering Bakkhali throughout the year require, specially in weekends and in Winter. So that lots of public transport system needed here for local people and also for tourist. But it is a small beach town, so running big public transport vehicles like bus or taxi is not only unnecessary but also harmful for environment. There is just one small petrol pump near this place. So that E-rickshaw and others alternative driven transport system is so much popular here.

Jezza Motors is an iCAT approved manufacturer and supplier of Electric Rickshaws. Our battery operated rickshaws gives you a mind blowing 100 KM of mileage from a single charge of just 8 hours. Our e-rickshaws are perfect to fit for the roads of small places like Bakkhali, Frasergunj etc. And as our products are battery operated there is no chance of causing air pollution and it keeps the environment clean.

We also provide original spare parts like brakes, lights, gears etc. for e-rickshaws. We are the largest manufacturer and exporter of e-rickshaws and its spare parts in West Bengal.

Bakkhali | E-rickshaw | Electric Rickshaw | e-vehiclesApart from e-rickshaws we also manufacture E-Vehicle for cargo transporting and E-Bikes.