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If you want to buy Battery Operated E-Rickshaw in Hooghly, West Bengal, you need to do it from the leading electric rickshaw manufacturer and supplier in India. This is why Jezza Motors, brand of Vani Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. is the best choice. When it comes to supply of Electric Rickshaws then Jezza Motors is the leading supplier in the field of electric vehicles. Having been in the sector right from the beginning we have a rich experience. We supply the best quality I-CAT approved e rickshaws in West Bengal. Our vehicles are highly energy efficient thus they can run up to 100+ KMS with a single charge of 8 hours. So, you don’t have to stop for multiple charging sessions and you can reach home more than satisfied.

Safety is the main focus at every step when we create our products. We ensure that our products are best in terms of comfort, design and superiority. From the tyres to the roof, everything is carefully manufactured to provide you a safe journey. Suspension ensures high impact absorption; gives a smooth ride on uneven. It’s especially designed for Indian roads. Our e rickshaws are known for latest advanced features, reliability and mileage. Our company is committed to make the most eco-friendly green electric tri cycles and e-rickshaws. This ensures that you can have a profitable business in the sector with our rickshaws.

In Hooghly district, we operate in most of the popular local and nearby areas. Such as Bishnupur, Kotulpur, Jamalpur, Satgachia, Kalna, Guptipara, Somra, Balagarh, Jirat, Jagulia, Khamargachi, Raghunathpur, Itachuna, Pandua, Simlagarh, Boinchi, Bagila, Gurap, Cheragram, Dhaniakhali, Bhandarhati, Puinan, Champadanga, Polba, Bandel, Chandannagar, Baidyabati, Singur, Mahanad, Gushkara, Gopinagar, Harishnagar, Tarkeswar, Arambagh. Also you can find us in Kamarpukur, Bengai, Jairambati, Badanganj, Gourhati, Udaynarayanpur, Haripal, Jangipara, Jagatballavpur, Dankuni, Mosat, Rishra, Konnagar, Thakurhat, Bhadua, Furfura Sharif, Dadpur, Sarenda, Kulgacchi, Khanyan, Haridaspur etc. areas.

Why are Battery Operated E-Rickshaw so much in demand now?

If you are operating in the electric vehicles sector you can get benefit in many ways.
E-Rickshaws are environmental friendly: The rising pollution levels in cities are a major concern for all. Much of this is caused by the emissions from the Diesel, CNG and Petrol driven vehicles. Many steps are already being taken to cut down the growth of these vehicles. In the the Electric Operated vehicles serve as an important alternative.
The running and maintenance costs for them are low: Battery Operated E-Rickshaw only need to be electrically charged when required. The cost for ruining and maintaining them are low. This is particularly beneficial compared to other commercial vehicles which run on Diesel and CNG.
Battery Operated Rickshaws are easy to drive and and maneuver in comparison to autos. This serves as a major advantage.
➥ These electric vehicles have already serving as a source of livelihood to many. With this it is only natural that its prospects in future in terms of business would grow.
The Sector is now a priority sector for the Government. So you could benefit from the various subsidies and other benefits.

Battery Operated E-Rickshaw or Electric rickshaw in hooghly

Jezza Battery Operated E-Rickshaw Dealership in Hooghly, West Bengal

We Are Looking For Dedicated Battery Operated E-Rickshaw Dealers for our Govt. Approved Electric Auto Rickshaws in West Bengal. Jezza Motors is an Indian manufacturer & supplier of ICAT and CIRT Certified E-Rickshaw & E-Cart (Government of India Approved) is looking for business partner to set up dealership or channel partners in Hooghly, West Bengal District. We are looking for full service dealers who want to give all their customers only the very best we can offer Indian E Rickshaws, Electric Rickshaw or Battery Auto Rickshaw (Electric vehicles). If you are interested to become a successful E-Rickshaws dealer in any district of West Bengal, then submit an inquiry form or Contact us via phone. To know all the terms and condition kindly fill up the inquiry form and our Sale Executive will get in touch with you as early as possible.