In a recent report, Mumbai happens to be the 17th most polluted city in Maharashtra. Apart from the very factors which are responsible for this very high pollution levels is the pollution emitted by the vehicles which run on conventional fuel sources. The state government of Maharashtra is however determined to have the state pollution free by the year 2022. Amongst the various steps which could help to achieve this ambitious goal is by adopting electric vehicles. Amongst the electric vehicles, of course, electric rickshaws have been a very popular mode of transport in many cities of India already. Let us understand some major benefits that the battery operated rickshaws have to offer.

Clean Air Maharashtra Resolve 2022: Electric rickshaws could play a major role

E rickshaws could indeed play a major role in the state launched an initiative known as “Clean Air Maharashtra Resolve 2022“. It has been seen that the main contributors of air pollution in the state are vehicles and factories. Owing to huge number of vehicles which ply on the roads of Maharashtra the pollution levels in the state are very high. Thus new ways and initiatives need to be undertaken to cut down on the escalating pollution levels.

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How E Rickshaws a great way to cut down on pollution

Amongst the many benefits that electric rickshaws have to offer, the fact that they help to cut down on pollution is a major one. This is especially considering the serious concerns about rapidly growing rates of pollution. Electric rickshaws are great because they cause zero pollution, since they run on electricity which is generated by batteries. These batteries need to be recharged after running for a certain distances. Apart from this they require minimum maintenance costs as well. Thus the business prospects of electric rickshaws are great. So in case you are looking to develop your business in Maharashtra, then building it in the e rickshaw could be just the right decision.

Jezza Motors one of the leaders in supply of e rickshaws in Maharashtra

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