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If you are looking to buy Electric Rickshaws in Gujarat, then you must take a dealership of Jezza Motors. We are one of the pioneers in the Battery Operated Rickshaw industry. We offer a wide variety of E-Rickshaws which are all i-CAT approved. We also deal in spare parts, which are best in quality. The technology we use for manufacturing is far superior to those by others used in the sector. This is what provides us the extra edge over our competitors. Apart from a lot of other states we are one of the leading manufacturer and suppliers in Gujarat. In Gujarat we operate in all the major cities which include Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot, Gandhinagar and Jamnagar.

The Electric Rickshaws have bright business prospects, but are they Government Approved?

iCAT approved | -rickshaw | electric rickshaw | jharkhandIt is very true that with so much of environmental worries, the e-rickshaws offer the best solution in terms of Public Transport. But you must ensure that the Electric Rickshaws you deal in for your business must be Government Approved. With Jezza Motors now in Gujarat you can now have the best Government Approved Electric Rickshaws. This will ensure the best return on your investment.

Jezza Motors the best Electric Rickshaw supplier in Gujarat

Jezza Motors is a leading supplier of Electric Rickshaw in Gujarat. We supply e-rickshaws which are not only environment friendly and government approved but they are also very economical to run. They require minimal maintenance cost. Our Battery Operated Rickshaws offer great mileage. By charging our J-1000 model just for 8 hours, the vehicles can run up to 100 KMs. This will ensure better profitability for your business. So take up a dealership with us at Gujarat. For dealership visit our Dealership Page.

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