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Buy it from Jezza Motors If you want to buy Electric Rickshaw in Telegana, then you must buy it from Jezza Motors. Jezza Motors manufacture ecofriendly, government approved Batter Operated Rickshaws and is a leader in the segment right from the beginning. We offer a wide range of high quality E-Rickshaws. Our Components are all i-CAT approved which will ensure that your business gets a head start. Since we work closely with trust worthy vendors we ensure the best quality of all our products. We use advanced technology in our manufacturing facilities. It is therefore far superior to that of all the others in the industry. This is why the e-rickshaws and components supplied by us is the best in industry In Telengana we operate in Hyderabad, Warangal, Nalgonda and Nizamabad.

The Electric Rickshaw sector offers great scope, but they must be government approved.

Amidst rising environmental concerns, the E-Rickshaws has become very popular. It makes much business sense as well. This is because of the low running and maintenance costs. The Government too has its focus on the sector and has launched several initiatives to boost it. But to get maximum benefits ensure that the E-Rickshaw you buy are government approved. With products of Jezza Motors you can have that.

Why Jezza Motors for Electric Rickshaws in Telengana?

At Jezza Motors, we believe in high quality and provide the best. We are the pioneers in the industry. We are able to manufacture E-rickshaws which emit zero pollution. This will help you to keep your city clean. Besides we have always focused on research & development. Thus our J-1000 Battery Operated rickshaws have low running cost, since they run up to 100 Kms with just 8 hours of proper electric charge. a rich experience. Thus with Jezza Motors you have the best E-rickshaws in Telegana.

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