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Are you planning to start up a fresh business venture in Coimbatore now? Then you must build it in the electric rickshaw segment. The prospects of developing a profitable business in electric rickshaws are great. The fact that the pollution levels in most cities and towns of India are rising at alarming levels is compelling the state and central government to consider alternative forms of pollution transport. The Electric rickshaw segment is ideal for the same. This new form of transport is ideal for travelling over short distances in towns like Coimbatore. Jezza Motors is the leading supplier of electric rickshaws in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

Why take up a dealership of Jezza Motors in Coimbatore?

At Jezza Motors we are one of the pioneers in the supply of electric rickshaws in India. We supply a wide range of high quality, government approved electric rickshaws all of which are i-CAT approved. We have the best infrastructure in Coimbatore to serve any dealer of e-rickshaws in the best possible manner. To take up a distributorship of the best electric rickshaws in Coimbatore please visit our Dealership Page.