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If you want to buy E Rickshaws in Madurai then you must buy it from Jezza Motors. We are the leaders in the supply of Battery Operated Rickshaws right from the beginning. We offer a wide range of superior quality E-Rickshaws. It makes perfect sense now to take up a dealership in E rickshaws now as both the centre as well as state governments is focusing on developing the sector by providing numerous incentives to those operating in the segment. So by building your business in the sector you can indeed make it a profitable one.

Why take dealership of Jezza Motors in Madurai?

To be successful in any business you need to be in partnership with the leader in the field. Jezza Motors is one of the pioneers in the electric rickshaw segment. We have the best infrastructure in the field to provide you with any kind of support you may need. Besides since all our rickshaws are government approved you can build your business in a hassle free manner. To take up a dealership in e rickshaws please visit our Dealership Page.