We all know that everyone expects something more always! That’s why the buyer of the E rickshaw will be happy if they get a driver welcome kit along with the electric rickshaw. You want to make sure they feel welcome and happy about their decision to work with you. A new customer kit will make them feel welcome and set them up for success. It is important to an agency’s trust, revenue and reputation.

We Jezza Motors know that, a Welcome Gift Pack that creates a great first impression. Keeping in mind those things, we create a welcome packet which can fulfill the basic things when a buyer gets his E-rickshaw from our dealers.

Driver Welcome Kit for new e rickshaw or battery rickshaw buyers from Jezza Motors

What are the basics of a Driver Welcome Kit Packet?

When you deliver it to the buyer immediately after an agreement of purchasing it will make them happy and also those items are useful for them. Your welcome packet is actually a very exciting tool for engaging your new buyer and starting your relationship off on the right foot.

1. Reinforce your buyer’s purchase decision

Remind your buyer that they’ve made an excellent choice. Refresh your buyer’s memory about the electric rickshaw product or service they purchased and why they chose it. Reinforce your brand promises, welcome them to the relationship, and make them feel at ease. It’s empowering for buyers to have the details of the engagement at their fingertips.

2. Ease your buyer into new processes Driver Welcome Kit

Think about things your new buyer needs to learn in order to work smoothly with your products. Teach them everything so that they can handle your battery rickshaw easily. A Driver Welcome Kit that can truly enhance working relationships with you which enhance a good relationship with your brand.

Top E-rickshaw Company in West Bengal like Jezza Motors offers a drivers welcome kit to their new buyers. We create our new welcome kit while keeping in mind of the buyer’s basic and immediate needs. Also when he drives our battery rickshaw can relate himself that he is one of the important parts of brand Jezza.