Nagpur-Electric Vehicles Capital of India 

The Chief Minister of Maharashtra has launched India’s first ‘electric mass transit project’ in Nagpur, the winter capital of Maharashtra. This makes it the first city in the country to have a mass electric mobility system. This initiative also makes Maharashtra the first state to provide various incentives to e-taxis as well. This is a unique project which would bring together e-buses, e-cabs, e-rickshaws and e-autos on a single platform.

Electric Rickshaw: Electric Vehicles, A significant boost in the city 

The project in the city will see a massive overhaul of infrastructure for electric vehicles. The project will ensure addition of 200 electric cabs to the city’s fleet. These are to be operated by a leading online transportation networking company. Of the 200 electric cabs which are to be added, 63 are already on the road. As a part of this mega project as many as 100 electric rickshaws will be added.  An electric charging station was also inaugurated for the project. 3 more such charging stations are set to be installed in the future. This will take the total number of charging stations to 53 charging points.

Rise of Electric Rickshaw Sector  

When it comes to electric vehicles, the electric rickshaw is a segment, which has been an area of particular interest for the Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways. The ministry had pushed for an amendment to the Motor Vehicles Act in 2014. This was done to allow e-rickshaws to ply on the streets of New Delhi after the High Court had banned them. With so much being done towards boosting electric vehicle and particularly electric rickshaw, the indications are loud and clear. It means that the E-Rickshaw sector is to be in the focus for the future. Thus you can expect all major initiatives being taken by the government to boost the sector. So in case you are having plans to set up your business and wish for success and profit, this is definitely the sector to look out for.

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