In recent times there has been much talk about India moving to electric vehicles by 2030. So a lot of work is being undertaken to boost the electric vehicles sector. The Government of India is providing many incentives to increase the number of participants to drive the growth of the sector. Thus it might just be the perfect time for you in case you are considering developing your business in the sector. So taking up a dealership of electric rickshaws may be a very lucrative option you can consider. There are many infrastructural developments needed to bring in more participation and growth in the sector. One such requirement is the development of the electrical charging facilities. Recently certain developments have happened in this regard. Let us look at some of them.

NTPC enters electric vehicles charging business in India

The National Thermal Power Corporation or popularly known as NTPC is has ventured into the electric vehicles charging business in India. It has installed its first charging stations at its office in Noida and Delhi. This giant public sector company is also planning to set up many such EV charging stations in several other cities of India. The company’s actions to promote clean energy are in line with the Government of India’s vision to have the maximum number of electric vehicles including e-rickshaws by the year 2030.

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The many benefits likely as a result 

There are many benefits owing to the steps being taken in this direction. The first of this being that the development of electric vehicles will significantly reduce the need of the nation on depending on conventional fuel. A majority of this is imported. Thus this switch to electric vehicles will mean that there will be a substantial cut in the import bill.

Apart from this, there is much concern about the escalating levels of pollution due to emissions made by vehicles run by conventional fuel. So the electric vehicles like electric rickshaws cause zero pollution and thus are much more environmentally friendly. The development of the electric rickshaw sector is, therefore, is welcome on all fronts.

Thus with so much happening in the battery operated rickshaw segment you can build your business in the sector and take the benefits of the numerous incentives being offered by the government. However, to participate in the growth you need the best quality electric rickshaws from a reliable manufacturer and supplier. Jezza Motors is one of the oldest and most reliable manufacturers and suppliers of Electric rickshaws with a Pan India presence. So no matter where you may be located in India you must have our dealership. To know more about the e-rickshaws we supply and other information please visit our site.